How seamless is the customer experience across your website, apps, and digital channels? Is your website easy to use?

If not, do you know why? The average customer journey is becoming increasingly complex and fluid — with experiences spanning a brand’s digital and offline channels. Each interaction creates dozens of contextual data signals. Finding meaning from these signals and understanding experiences across the customer journey requires a careful balance of strategy and technical precision. We focus on building a robust measurement foundation to cut through the noise, capture relevant data, and enable an optimized experience across channels.


Designing a digital analytics strategy that actually drives value for your business and its customers requires careful listening and thoughtful execution.
Our strategists and solutions architects artfully translate your business needs into tailored analytics solutions that withstand the test of time, including shifts in technology, consumer expectations, and business factors.
  • Discovery, workshops, and interviews
  • Marketing technology audits
  • Business requirement gathering and documentation
  • Solution design and technical documentation
  • MarTech evaluations and roadmaps


To better understand user behavior and marketing performance, you need modern data collection systems with advanced capabilities.
With over a decade of experience deploying analytics systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics across web and app settings, we have the expertise to implement in even the most complex environments, using privacy-centric best practices.
  • Tag management (e.g., Tealium iQ, Adobe Launch, Google Tag Manager, Ensighten) 
  • Advanced event data collection (e.g., server-side tracking, Adobe Web SDK, and custom APIs)
  • Web analytics platform implementation (e.g., Adobe Analytics and GA4)
  • Mobile app analytics implementation (e.g., Adobe Mobile SDK and Firebase)
  • Comprehensive quality assurance and data validation


Knowing what your customers and prospects are doing? That’s table stakes. Understanding why they did or didn’t take expected actions? That’s what leads to market differentiation.
We dive deep into your digital data to craft a clear story of your users’ behaviors that will inform actionable insights and give your business a competitive edge.
  • KPI and site health reporting
  • Custom dashboard development (e.g., Looker Studio, Tableau, Power BI, etc.)
  • Adobe Analysis Workspace development
  • Deep-dive analyses
  • Web analytics training


To get the highest performance from your digital assets, we gather insights and translate them into actions that improve the visitor experience and increase conversion through A/B/n testing.
Continuous, always-on testing helps your organization learn, iterate, and drive the performance of your owned digital properties.
  • A/B/n testing
  • Optimization strategy development 
  • Hypothesis generation
  • Roadmap creation and management
  • Test design and development


Audiences respond more strongly when marketing is personalized to their interests and delivered through the channels they prefer.
This concept is easy to understand, but orchestrating personalized, multichannel experiences can be complex. We collaborate with brands and their agencies to enable personalization through well-architected data, prioritized audiences, and the right technology.
  • Customer data platform (CDP) strategy, deployment, and management
  • Audience activation strategy
  • Website and app personalization